Thursday, December 06, 2007

Cheney Swinging His Big Dick Around

TPM has this:
Too Much Freud From a Guy Named Dick
12.06.07 -- 12:35PM
By David Kurtz

From Vice President Cheney's interview with The Politico:

Most striking were his virtually taunting remarks of two men he described as friends from his own days in the House: Democratic Reps. John Dingell (Mich.) and John P. Murtha (Pa.).

In a 40-minute interview with Politico, he scoffed at the idea of two men who spent years accruing power showing so much deference to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in the big spending and energy debates of the year.

Murtha “and the other senior leaders … march to the tune of Nancy Pelosi to an extent I had not seen, frankly, with any previous speaker,” Cheney said. “I’m trying to think how to say all of this in a gentlemanly fashion, but [in] the Congress I served in, that wouldn’t have happened.”

But his implication was clear: When asked if these men had lost their spines, he responded, “They are not carrying the big sticks I would have expected.”
Mysogynize, much, Biggus Dickus?


madamab said...

Shorter Cheney: "F*ck you, Nancy! Now come here so I can shoot you in the face..."

Ruth said...

This is big bucks for the GOPervs, which shows as well as anything the scum o' the earth that they are. Talk about 'assume the position', Darth keeps his faction of the party by tearing heads off babies, sometimes only figuratively. Their Glass Parking Lot element salivates noisily and gives them the $$. Don't blame Darth. If they had civilized donors, he'd try the good manners out.