Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The GOPuke Nominee WIll Be... (Wait For It):


Huckleberry Huckabee seems to me positioned very well to become the GOP nominee.

He'd be the perfect successor to Incurious George. He's dumber than Bush, he's less curious than Bush, he's less well prepared for the office (if that is possible) than Bush, as an ordained minister, he's 'holier' than Bush, he's poorer than Bush, he's more malleable than Bush.

Stick Jeb in the VP slot for discipline, and 'voila', the Regime rolls on.

Of course, it may be that the Elite/Corpo-cRat/Oiligarchs want to have a Dem in there this time.
They need to have somebody expendable to take the heat for the inevitable failures in cleaning up the Bushevik mess.

Hillary or Obama are ideal--from the perspective of the Corpo-Right--mainly because, being the "first" of their "kind" to hold the office, when they inevitably fail to actually accomplish anything to ameliorate the damages inflicted by the Bushevik Cabal, it will taint the whole "class" of which they are the most prominent members--women and Blacks--which will than become a barrier to further challenges from those (inconvenient) quarters...

Plus, a catastrophic failure by the Dems would open up the door to a return of the anti-government Puke permanent majority in '12, which would benefit their long-term agenda.

Or the Oiligarchs and their douche-bag minions may have decided that, the Rubicon having already been crossed by Bush (indeed, with a toll-bridge up and running), and the American republic having already been crushed, without any notable resistance from the citizenry or any appreciable push-back from the (putatively oppositional) Dumbocraps, they can just forge ahead with their anti-Government agenda with a malleable, suggestible, amiable, religiously manipulable dolt like Huckabee, as long as there's a Cheney-like figure pulling the strings--e.g., Jebby. I do not see any other alternatives.

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Cleveland Bob said...

Yo Woody,

You're channeling my thoughts to a tee this morning. Well said, sir.