Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Democrats Do NOT Have To "Govern."

That is a canard being imposed upon them, like a bar to hurdle, by the SCUM whose pleasurable and profitable interlude as stenographers for the moronic neo-con megalith has been pretty rudely interrupted. But "governing" is not what they were elected yesterday to do. It is not even a tiny chinchilla of it.

What they have to do--honestly, plausibly, and energetically--it oppose the "unitary executive" at every fucking turn...with every tool at their disposal, by every expedient they possess. They have to wrest power back from the fascist thugs and gunsels in the Regime. They have to STOP Bushevism.

They were NOT elected to 'end the war'--they cannot do so, alone, though the 'war' was a proximal cause behind their victory. They were not elected to turn back the challenges of global warming, either, or to end poverty, or to establish universal humptiness of any kind.

The real message of the Democratic "mini-tsunami," the one which it seems to me is being studiously ignored, is that they were elected to re-IMPOSE balances and checks upon the o'er-reaching of the Imperial Presidency, the gibbering Chimp and his flying-monkey minions.

The Democrats have one mandate, and only one mandate. Up til now they argued they could not be a party of opposition without power to oppose. Well now they have it; we gave it to '
em yesterday

Okay, fellas and gals, here's the power.

Now, goddamn it, regulate! Impose strict oversight! Exact accountability! Regain CONTROL!

Just get the fuck out there and OPPOSE!


oldwhitelady said...

That's for sure! They've been handed seats and they need to follow through for the trust we placed in them.

konopelli/WGG said...

hi ya been doin? thanks for checkin' me out...

charley said...

but then we're just the extremist left.

check billmon for the stats on who actually voted for who. not exactly encouraging.

hi OWL.

but once i see supoenas i'll brighten up.