Monday, November 13, 2006

You Can Do Anything With a Bayonet...Except Sleep On It

The uber-prolific brings us an analysis from 'Old Europe.'

Short version: 11/7 Did NOT Change Everything (but you, being percipient and sophisticated readers, already knew that).

The 'money' quote:

The electoral success of the Democratic Party also demands to be evaluated without excessive optimism. Assuredly, the American public wearied of a war that from month to month seemed ever more costly and less winnable. However, the messianic religious and unilateralist ideology, of which the present American administration represents the most radical version, is far from having been put to flight. First of all, because the results show that, case by case, the Democrats' margin of success was rather weak. The scope of their success in terms of seats does not reflect a tidal wave at the level of the electorate. Finally, because this ideology is not the Republican Party's property. It is, in reality, present in more moderate and apparently tolerable forms within a good part of Democratic elected officials. That implies that the situation is far from being a deadlock for the Bush administration, especially if the Democrats' success in the Senate hangs by one seat. Don't forget that neither the Democratic party or the Republican Party are "parties" in the European sense of the term, with what that implies, for example, in terms of parliamentary discipline.

Jacques Sapir is Director of Research at EHESS [School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences.]


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charley said...

also, do not forget however stalwart this newly elected senate may prove.

i am convinced, joe lieberman is going to fuck them, and thereby us, in the ass.