Monday, November 06, 2006

Well, They Still Shoot Horses...

My li'l sis sent me this'n:

After a vehicle accident , an old cowhand finallyhad decided to sue the trucking company and its insurance carrier for injuries and loss of property.

While in court, the insurance company's atty was trying to prove insurance fraud and was questioning the cowboy.

"Now , answer my question with a yes or a no. Did you tell the officer at the scene when asked how you were- and I quote from the officer's report - 'I'm fine?'

The cowboy said, "Well, you see, I was just closing the gate on my horse trailer and..."

The attny became indignant and shouted, "Answer thequestion with a yes or a no."

The cowboy said, "Well, like I said, I had just closedthe gate on my horse..."

The attny, red-faced, approached the bench. "Your honor, I believe we have a hostile witness. Theofficer's report is evidence that this man is tryingto perpetrate insurance fraud, and I recommend he be found in contempt of court."

The Judge rapped his gavel and said, " Mr. Attorney,this is my court and I will determine whether contempt of court is in order. Now, I want to hear thecowboy's story."

The cowpoke said, "Thank you, your Honor. Like I wastrying to say, I had closed the gate on my horsetrailer and was walking to my pickup when I heard this awful screeching of tires on the road behind me. A big, ol' 18-wheeler was traveling way too fast for the curve in the road, and sure enough he lost it. The truckflipped over and headed for me. Before I could move,it hits me, throws me in the ditch and throws my horse in the ditch 100 feet from me. I'm so messed up I can't move a muscle. I guess that my horse is in bad shape from the terrible noises he is making.

"Pretty soon I see blinking red lights and heard asiren. A highway patrol officer arrived on the scene. The officer gets out of his vehicle and runs over to my horse. He draws his pistol and shoots my horse inthe head. Then he runs over to me with pistol in hand and says, 'How are you? '

So I says, "Hey, I'm fine." "


Sydney Gulbranson said...

That's pretty sad. Is it a true story?

konopelli/WGG said...

i don't think so...sounds like 'cowboy humor' to me...
which is like 'cowboy poetry' in that it is a kind of redneck oxymoron...

charley said...

context is everything.