Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Support "Buy NOTHING Day!"

Every November, for 24 hours, we remember that no one was born to shop, we make a small choice to participate by not participating. If you’ve never taken part in Buy Nothing Day, or if you’ve taken part in the past but haven’t really committed to doing it again, consider this: 2006 will go down as the year in which mainstream dialogue about global warming finally reached its critical mass. What better way to bring the Year of Global Warming to a close than to point people in the direction of real and effective alternatives to the unbridled consumption that has created this quagmire?

Email us at BND [at] ADBUSTERS [dot] ORG as your plans come together. We’ll feature the best and brightest right here as this year’s BND unfolds.
And while you're at it, think about
The Idea whose time may have finally come:
Dreading the holiday season? The frantic rush and stress? The to-do lists and sales hype? The spiritless hours trapped in malls? This year, why not gather together your loved ones and decide to do things differently? With the simplest of plans you can create a new rhythm, purpose and meaning for the holidays. Why not try a Buy Nothing Christmas? If that's too extreme for grandma and the kids, maybe try a Buy Less Christmas. Or a Buy Fairer Christmas. Or a Slow-Down Christmas. Whatever you decide, 'tis the season to reclaim our celebration from the grip of commercial forces. Check out what others are doing and share your low-stress, shopping-free plans at the site.


Cleveland Bob said...

Hey Woody,

I saw your hiya out on the Atrios Haloscan just this afternoon. I'm good, thanks.

We got a taste of the white stuff, (and I do mean snow) just this past weekend. I think that you and I had talked one time about the whole East Side/West Side psychosis of Cleveland and you, as I am, were on the West Side.

We moved back to Cuyahoga County this summer from Avon Lake to Fairview Park right above the Metro Parks.

We're diggin the new location as well as the breezier commute to downtown.

Good to hear from you, man and nice work on the blog. I'll put you in my bookmarks!!

WoodyGuthrie'sGuitar (aka Konopelli) said...

Fairview Park?
my one-time best pals in the neighborhood from 1950 til about '55 were tom and dick wagner, about whom i haven't thought in a buncha years. they moved out to fairview, and we lost touch when we moved to the clifton park...we ran as a pack of boys

Reminds me too of laurel heimer: my first pubescent crush...she was from fairview...it was she who first awakened in me what i now know was lust...foxy, little face, and long long long legs...i was 11 or 12, she 14 or so...