Sunday, November 05, 2006

From My Brother, Panamint Pete, These Reflections

This is Richard Perle, the first of the greazy rats who are bailing the SS NEOCON. "I'd've done it differently," this Perle of great price sez.
Dammbetcha! He'd a nuked 'em from the git go, the stupid, venal bastard.
Really what they all want is to start WW III before people wise up to the fact that they're all a bunch of pedaphiliac hypocrites.
How people who claim to be "God-fearing, law abiding 'Christians'" in all honesty and conscience continue to embrace the vomitous excresences of these lecherous, avaricious humbuggers is beyond comprehension, unless it is, as I fear, that we have become a nation of uber-morons.
When are people going to snap to the fact that these neocons and the ultraright pastors like Haggard et al who salve their souls ( there's another conundrum) are all " Men of the cloth", and their all cut from the same bolt; smeared with shit and drenched in blood, but laundered with lots of money.
I'd say God help us, but the last 8 years have proven that God has left the planet. We are doomed, because these smarmy screws are going to take the next election, even if they don't win it.
Such eloquence...another family trait...along with pessimism.


Metro99 said...

"...the vomitous excresences of these lecherous, avaricious humbuggers..."

Oh my, that one just rolls off the tongue!

"...we have become a nation of uber-morons."

Bingo! Give that man a cupie doll! We live in a nation where one's patriotism is measured my the American flag lapel pin in your suit jacket and the ubiquitous Support Our Troops yellow ribbon magnets fixed to our cars.

Oh, and Richard Perle is but a symptom of the disease of empire that has infected our Republic.

charley said...

it was rather well said.

and for evidence of uber-morons, the picture down below.

mariamaria said...

wow. Nice way with words!! ubernice.