Sunday, November 05, 2006

One of The Two Guys Shaking hands Is Due For Hanging Soon...

Sadly, it's only one of 'em.

Is the death sentence available to malefactors sent to the Courts of Internatuional Justice at the Hague?

If not, Rummy should be tried in Iraq...

Btw: Is Saddam 6'5"? Or is Rummy 5'9"?

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Metro99 said...

Why, oh why, do you torment me this way?!

You know that the ICC does not support capital punishment. I'm talking about a red-blooded American hanging. Plain pine scaffolding, made-in-the-USA hemp rope (the really scratchy kind), simple burlap hood for the head. But I haven't yet made up my mind if there should be a drum roll prior to the trapdoor release.

I know we could make a pretty penny selling the cable rights; the pay-per-view revenues alone take my breath away.