Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fearless Predictions: The Dems Come "Oh, So Close"

Surprisingly close, unexpectedly close, tantalizingly close, painfully close, close, close, close...but no cigar...

Democrats 49, Republicans 49, Independent 2

Democrats 217, Republicans 218

Karl Rove is a "genius," but election theft ain't that hard these days...

In New Mexico, Heather Wilson will hold onto NM-1; Bingaman will hold his Senate seat; Bill Richardson and the state-wide Democrats will sweep, including Jim Baca for the State Land Commission.

I'll be at the local HQ of MoveOn's GOTV efforts most of the day. If you want to help falsify my predictions, and humiliate me as a prognostictor, there is still time:

Hit 'Em Widda Fuukin Phone!

Elsewhere TBogg's predictions are pretty plausible, including this one:
Michael Steele will lose..but that won't stop Republicans from touting him to run with McCain in 2008 because they believe that they are just one Negro away from perpetual electoral domination.

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