Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What (ELSE?) Do These Three Men Have In Common?

The dire predictions President Bush is making about “cutting and running” from Iraq are almost identical to the horrifically inaccurate ones Presidents Johnson and Nixon made about Vietnam.

From Bob Scheer via

The astounding arrogance that underwrites Bush’s smug determination to keep killing and maiming tens, perhaps hundreds, of thousands of people is no different than that of Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon. Both knew the war was a failure but determined to “stay the course” for a decade out of a misguided belief in protecting an image of American infallibility that was paired with shameful political motives.

Here come de new boss, jis' like de' ol' boss...


Metro99 said...

Military intelligence has recently revealed that the Ho Chi Minh Trail has been located in Anbar province.

Again, a tip o' the hat to Gore Vidal who long ago renamed this country the United States of Amnesia. I can forgive someone for not learning the lessons of the War of 1812 because, like, that was so long ago. But jeez, are we such a nation of imbeciles that we've forgotten the painful and costly and murderous mistakes of Vietnam?

konopelli/WGG said...

that's a rhetorical question, right?

Metro99 said...


Pelican Pete said...

Another problem is that SO MANY people have no idea what Vietnam was like, because they're not old enough to remember the Huntley and Brinkley nightly bodycounts, but old enough to have watched too many war movies. But in another 3 years, when the 10,000th casket comes home, they may start to get the idea that "staying the course" was an anagram for
A regency shits out.