Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Here's something ELSE you never heard a fuukin word about

Probably because this Congressional Progressive Caucus forum, convened Sept 26, was by led by Democrats. (

Below are a handful of YouTube links, comprising about 40 minutes of testimony. This one is particularly powerful, from an Iraqi woman doctor, Dr. Dahlia Wasfi, with experience of life on the ground in Basra. : This one is a scene setter by Dr. Paul Pillar, a former analyst on the CIA's Middle East desk, and it is sobering to say the least. Former Gen. William Odom, now at the conservative Hudson Institute, provides the 'establishment' (but not the Bushevik) point of view on the 'interests' served by the occupation. Key point: "You cannot stay longer and make things better." A veteran, named Charlie Anderson, explains why he's no longer in the military. The reason? PTSD. The general replies to a war-hawk Rep from NJ: "It takes a high level of ignorance to believe that any government the US left behind in Iraq qould NOT be anti-american."

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