Monday, November 06, 2006

Pre-Euphoria Reality Check

Even if the Dems DO take the House, imho it will be by a relatively narrow margin*, and I predict they'll lie low, play safe and "keep their powder dry" for the '08 Preznishul follies.

I mean, can anyone actually imagine the Democratic-controlled House voting to reject an appropriation for the Iraq ICORP, thereby running the risk (i.e., the absolute dead fucking certainty) of being labelled 'against the TROOPS!' by the all too-Puke-compliant SCUM?

Well, can you?

*I hope I'm wrong, and will gladly eat substantial portions of crow should it happen that I am wrong. Please, in that even, lemme eat it w/green chile?

1 comment:

charley said...

i'm sorry, crow must be eaten straight up.

i wouldn't worry about it.

but if i do perchance happen to land the coveted 10,000th vistor award, i still want whiskey.