Friday, December 08, 2006

AAR Is Circling The Drain: Stream KPHX

For, among other reasons:
Mike Malloy, Peter B Collins, Thom Hartmann and--

Action Point
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Written by Cynthia Black
12-10-2006: Join us LIVE as we broadcast from Rosie McCaffery's! The Palast Report, our Blue Christmas Special Segment and YOU (Be There)!!

Greg Palast and YOU!!

12-17-2006: On the core problems of terrorism (i.e. the political struggle that ends in acts of terrorism) and economics there is an intersection. Find out where and what you can do about both with influential Foreign Policy magazine editor Moises Naim as we discuss his new book How Smugglers, Traffickers,And Copycats Are Hijacking The Global Economy. BBC journalist and author of The Armed Madhouse Greg Palast brings us The Palast Report, and more!

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