Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Once Again, Hollywood Has NOT Called, Alas...

Back from my second day in a week, and last until after the first on In The Valley of Elah, with Tommie Lee Jones and (eventually) Susan Sarandon, whose fair shape and comely face adorn the post below. Will/shall/can/may I requite my one desire, to see her up-close?

Sadly, no...

Apparently some of the film will be shot in Tennessee, which is where Sarandon's scenes will occur. I am morally certain that I will not be accompanying the company on that move; hence, my pessimism over my prospects of meeting Susan.

I was called late for today's shoot: about 7:30 am for a 9:30 call, with three outfit changes. I got into one scene. The camera was over Tommie Lee Jones' shoulder, and I'm pretty sure the focus was close enough to the front of his head that I, some 20 feet distant, will be nothing but a blur; though the PA/Extras Wrangler told me my hat read "real good."

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