Sunday, December 31, 2006

What To Do With Saddam Hussein's Remains?

That is the realm of poetic punditry, and awaits the graceful topuches of Calvin Trillin.

But the more prosaic Rude Pundit has some good suggestions:

And once he hangs, as he will any time now, once he's videoed pissing himself while dangling from the noose, maybe even a close-up on his last hard-on, then it's time to go to work.
Cut that fucker's head off his corpse and graft it onto George W. Bush's right shoulder, so that it rots away next to him just like Iraq, so the President can watch the decay every time he looks in the mirror and smell it constantly.
Rip out Hussein's bones and shove them up the asses of Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, Paul Wolfowitz, Bill Kristol, Michelle Malkin, and more and more - Saddam's got two hundred something bones, so line up a bunch of neocons and warmongering whores, bend 'em over, and give 'em a souvenir.
Dry Saddam's organs and grind them into a powder and pour it into the water supply of the United States so we can each consume a little bit of the man who so drove our leaders crazy that they destroyed our economy, our military, our morality to topple him, yes, let us all drink that in, toasting the hanging of Saddam Hussein as a demonstration of what great and noble and righteous and merciful humans we are.
Send his cock to Tony Blair so he can go fuck himself.

I see nothing exceptionally difficult about such prescriptions, except perhaps getting the Donees to stand still for them; but I suspect the a company of M-16-wielding patriots might convince 'em, wunnit?

Thanks to HoneyBearKelly


Stogie said...

What a complete piece of shit you are, along with you commie blog.

Maybe you should keep Saddam's cock for yourself. Then you will have one.

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