Wednesday, December 06, 2006

McCain/Lieberman: Unity Party '08

John McCain and Joe Lieberman are, I believe, setting the stage for a run at the Presidency on a third-party ticket, the platform of which will stress bi-partisanship and national unity.

Their aim, I believe, will be to capture the 'disaffected center,' that bloc of about 40% of voters which reviles the current caustic political climate as too divisive; those clowns and losers who think politics is a waste of time, that the parties are 'too partisan,' and that the only way to go 'foreward' is to transcend 'politics as usual.'

I have thought this since last spring when Ned Lamont's challenge of Lieberman took wing and bid fair to disrupt NomoJoe's tidy little Connecticut tatting circle...

Some say Lieberman won't/wouldn't accept second-place on such a ticket, but I cannot see why he would not. He has high aspirations/ambitions, but he cannot be elected President, mainly because of his religion (Al Gore won the popular vote, despite having Loserman on the ticket), so being VP (and a mere heart-beat away from the job he most desires) is the next best thing. And this time he need not even pretend to sacrifice his Senate seat to do so.

Especially if the Dems put up Hillary or Barak Obama, and the Pukes are stuck with, say, Mitt Romney, Rudy Guiliani, or Jeb Bush, the prospects for such a ticket (with Michael Bloomberg's money as a seed money) are not insubstantial, given the political acumen of the Average Amurkin is just above that of a brine shrimp( see illustration)...

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Eli said...

McCain and Lieberman are welcome to court the middle 40%.

They will get their asses kicked on turnout.