Monday, December 18, 2006

Searchin' Fer A Little Love? You Can Help Homeless Kids...

...If ya wanna.
My best friend is the executive director of an NGO here in Albuquerque named Cuidando Los Ninos (con tilda) and she has happened onto a nice little fund-raising service that takes advantage of the "intertubes'" most universally appealing feature: Searching...

An outfit called GoodSearch ( donates a piddling penny to Cuidando for everytime a signed-up goodsearch user uses goodsearch to search.

How much good would a goodsearch do, if a goodsearch could do good?

I have signed up. It's easy. Go to the page and follow the instructions. If ya wanna, cut-and-paste the following:

Cuidando Los Ninos (Albuquerque, NM)

Thanks...and here's wishing everyone absolutely As Happy A Holiday Season As Is Possible, here in the super-heated winter of Bush-Year #6...

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