Friday, December 29, 2006

Franken-Meat (And Not "Al's" Package)

At Eschaton, today, also there was this by

Hey everyone,

the FDA is taking comments from consumers over their plan to approve cloned meats for general consumption in the U.S. If you'd like to tell them to take their franken-meats and stuff them up their government ass, the online form is here (Mac users MUST use Safari or it won't work):
[and thoughtfully appended this link]

To which I replied--carefully, because there are folks on Eschaton who faithfully believe that "Science" is somehow ideologically pure and objectively honest:

If you take the sperm of one cow and mix it with the eggs of another cow, you're still gonna have a cow-baby...

If, however, you take the sperm of a cow, and mix it with the eggs of another cow, and mix in the dna of a tuna fish, it's a LOT more difficult to make the case that the offspring are just cow-babies...

but that's prob'ly just me...

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charley said...

some of my more liberal freinds are astonished that i'm not a big fan of stem cell research.

i actually think it's not a good idea to fuck with mother nature. least not at the fundamental roots.

then again, "it really doesn't matter what i think."