Saturday, December 09, 2006

Happy Days Are Here Again! @ The NLRB

On the economic front, today's LATimes has the following good news:
Thanks in part to the National Labor Relations Board, most American workers haven't seen their share of the booming economy
By Dmitri Iglitzin and Steven Hill
(DMITRI IGLITZIN is a labor law attorney in Seattle. STEVEN HILL is a director at the New America Foundation.)
December 9, 2006
WHILE President Bush points to low unemployment and a resurgent stock market as signs of a strong economy, most Americans don't feel so bullish. Median incomes are flat, healthcare costs are soaring, pensions are being de-funded and corporate employers are threatening to shred the social contract with their employees that has prevailed for 60 years.
and, oh yeah, We don't need no steeenkeen unions:

A nationwide study by the University of Illinois at Chicago found that:

• 30% of employers fire pro-union workers.

• 49% threaten to close a work site when workers try to unionize.

• 82% hire consultants to fight union-organizing drives.

• 91% force employees to attend anti-union meetings with supervisors.

There is a bill languishing in Congress, the Employee Free Choice Act, which already has 215 co-sponsors in the House and 43 in the Senate, which might go a ways toward rectifying these abuses. We'll see how the "new bosses" feel about their labor constituency by the fate it enjoys...

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