Monday, December 11, 2006

When USer 'citizen/consumers' are "the Enemy," how do you destroy the village to save it?

Silly you, you probably didn't think that normal, average, USer citizens were
"the Enemy."

But then, probably you haven't been paying attention to the latest utterances of former Atty. Gen. "Bloody" John Ashcroft, or retired Vice Admiral Lowell E. ("Jake") Jacoby, the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and now a professional protector for CACI International. According to William Arkin, recently in the WaPoBlog, the people whom the citizens of the USofA must needs beware aren't the "Islamo-fascists" (whatever the fuck they are); no indeed, the folks most dangerous to our freedoms are our "protectors": Bush, of course; but the whole Protection Industry, including current and former Busheviks, and the aforementioned Adm. Jacoby. If they have their way, they'll protect us right the fuck outta our Constitition.

I commend this article to your attention and suggest that you be extremely wary of folks who say they'll protect you from the perils of the world of which they are the only ones who really understand it...

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