Monday, December 18, 2006


This amusing musing comes from a pal of mine in Santa Fe...


Apart from the issue of whether a soul
Ever peruses this sweet doggerole
Or whether it bugs ‘em or cheers ‘em at best
It’s something I must now get off of my chest.

Back in the winter of 2003
A big bunch of cynics and lefties like me
Had the good sense, upon brief self-reflection,
To turn on their sensors for b.s. detection

And see that the claims of the WMDs,
The claims of a cakewalk that would be a breeze,
Of a war to stop terror right there in its tracks,
Was a vinegar enema given by quacks.

I watched for three years while the chaos ensued,
While soldiers in caskets all red, white and blue’d
Returned, while excuses for why we were there
Were floated and bloated and vanished in air,

While billions were stolen or frittered away
On projects with virtue and some just for pay,
The madness, the mourning, the suicide bombs,
Til now most Iraqis would rather Saddam!

So now that you Bushies are finally waking
To the reaming you’ve gotten, the lying, the faking,
Think for a moment of the buckets of tears
Of we who have watched this for SIX FRIGGIN’ YEARS!!

Jim Terr

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Anonymous said...

Jim Terr is a New Mexico gem. Have appreciated his writing and music for years.