Saturday, December 02, 2006

Robert Gates: International Political Criminal

NPR sez the Dumbocraps aren't going to challenge Gates' nomination as Secretary of State, despite the fact that Gates is tainted goods, implicated in the most corrupt international excesses, and militaristic machinations of the Raygun and Big Daddy Bush regimes.

This year is the 20th Anniversary of the discovery of those crimes, as David Corn reminds The Nation's readers:
Two decades ago, the public learned about the bizarre, Byzantine and (arguably) unconstitutional actions of high officials in the post-Watergate years. But many Americans did not absorb the key lesson: the Iran/contra vets were not to be
. Consequently, most of those officials went on to prosperous careers, with some even becoming part of the squad that has landed the United States in the current hellish mess in Iraq.
That's right Bobby Gates, ol' boy. We're looking at you. This is not unlike putting Oliver North in charge of the military Inspector General. Remember John Poindexter, and plausible deniability? Jeezis fuck, people...

Will somebody PLEASE drive a sharp fucking stake through these fuckers' hearts?

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