Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Brittney & K-Fed, Tom & Katie, Branjolina, and Madonna

I have noticed in reading site-meter that I catch some hits (usually lasting less than 5 seconds) from Googlers. This post is by way of a test to see how many hits I can entice by salting the 'title' line with the names of celebrities typically of interest to quotidien Google (of Dogpile, or Ask, or Yahoo, etc.) searches.
It is a cheap, shameless tactic to try to stimulate traffic, and simultaneously to test the attraction of those celebrity monikers.
It may develop that I include celebrity monikers in Title lines whether they're appropriate or not. Hence my next post about the fascist GOPukes or the meliorating Dems in Congress waffling o n global climate change legislation might read something like this: Tom & Katie's Baby May Not Die in Coming Global Warming Events, But Mauritius Will Be Swallowed By The Indian Ocean...or Brittney's Coochie Not Subject of Congressional Filibuster...Madonna's Sudanese Child Escapes Genocide In Darfur...stuff like that

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