Wednesday, December 27, 2006

By The Way: Fuck Gerald Ford...By Pardoning Nixon, He Assured US Cheney & Rumsfeld

Gerry Ford, a former president, died last night. He was 93, which was long enough and then some.

Broke me the fuck up, it did. I was, like, "Did he suffer?" Apparently not much. Which I thought too bad, cuz by pardonning Nixon, Ford ensured that several of that vicious fucker's cabal of evil slime avoided facing and taking responsibility for their crimes. Fuck Gerald Ford.

Then, NPR news was at pains this morning to repeatedly label Ford the only un-elected President.

But he was only the first; subsequently, there was Bush 43, whose presidency was assured not by the vote of the People, but by the vote of Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor of the US Supreme Court (may that feculent fleshfold suffer one tenth of the misery her cowardice has afforded the rest of the nation).
Lest we forget: "the Jerry Ford doll"—wind it up and it lurches into something.
Or "The only thing between Nelson Rockefeller and the presidency is a banana peel." or: "Question: What is the President Ford tongue twister? Answer: Hello. " or: "What is the Ford economic plan? Answer: Buy a bigger car and leave it in the garage." or: "The President was loathe to help New York during its fiscal crisis because he has bad memories from the city's great blackout; he was trapped for six hours on an escalator. " or: "The Secret Service has already ruled out any possibility that Ford will toss out the first ball of the baseball season next spring. Says a Secret Service spokesman: "There is too much danger of his being beaned." or: "The President pierced his left hand with a salad fork at a White House luncheon celebrating Tuna Salad Day. Alert Secret Service agents seized the fork and wrestled it to the ground."
I will believe we are about to be rid of the vicious fascist fux now infesting the WhiteHouse and the Executive Office when the Gibbering Chimp is subject to jibes such as these; and not until...

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