Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Condaleeza Rice Is, Apparently, A Lying Puddle of Shit

From Democracy Now:

In his new book, State of Denial, Bob Woodward reveals that on July 10, 2001 then CIA director George Tenet called President Bush's National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice to hold an emergency meeting to review the latest on Osama Bin Laden. Intelligence was showing an increasing likelihood that al-Qaeda would soon attack the United States.

According to the (book), Tenet and his counterterrorism chief Cofer Black told Rice that al-Qaeda was going to attack American interests, possibly in the United States itself. They also said that they needed to immediately take covert or military action to thwart bin Laden.

Woodward reports that Tenet hoped his abrupt request for an immediate meeting would shake Rice but he left feeling that Rice had brushed off the warnings. Two months later the World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacked.

After the publication of Woodward's book, Rice initially suggested such a meeting in July 2001 did not even take place. On Sunday, Rice told reporters said, "The idea that I would have ignored that, I find incomprehensible. I am quite certain that it was not a meeting in which I was told that there was an impending attack, and refused to respond." But on Monday the State Department confirmed that Rice did meet with Tenet and Black on July 10th and that after the meeting Rice was compelled enough to ask the CIA to give the same briefing to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and to then Attorney General John Ashcroft.

Who both then did nothing, either, except rub their hands in glee at the prospect of the forthcoming Reichstag-fire-like event. Well, and Asscrack immediately started flying on chartered military aircraft, too.

Amy and Juan interview Rand Beers, former National Security Council advisor, to discover just how deep the puddle of shit really is.

Quite deep, apparently; nearly, bottomless, in fact (not unlike the aforesaid Sec. of State herself, who may be the ONLY black woman in the US without a noticeable booty).


Anonymous said...
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confudeforeigner said...

And Condi is your representative on the international stage! At this very moment she's in the middle east talking to "moderates" (despots propped up by the US and big oil) about building a consensus against "terrorists and extremists" (popular movements not propped up by the US and big oil) and the very moderate position of bombing Iran for not breaking the NNPT or whatever the reason du jour is.e.g. sponsoring terrorism (supporting aforesaid populist movements not propped up by the US and big oil and having the temerity to oppose Israel's right to bomb the crap out of anyone they see fit).

She did do a marvelous job of acting as messenger for the Israeli PM to Beirut though. It was good comedy. I liked the bit where she said "I've decided not to return to Beirut" after the Lebanese PM had told her to go jump and denied her landing rights. What a hoot!

Like your blog BTW.

kelley b. said...

Although she lacks booty, she does have the scariest sneer of any woman I've ever met.