Monday, October 30, 2006

Israeli Jets 'Intimidate' German Aircraft Patrolling Lebannon

Now here's a story with no small amount of deja vu-y resonances

BERLIN, Oct 29 (KUNA) -- German airforce patrolling the Lebanese coasts as part of UNIFIL peace mission have been initimated by Israeli fighter planes last Friday, the German defense ministry confirmed on Sunday.

A defense ministry spokesman told the semi-official German T.V. station Z.D.F. today that a German navy helicopter was intimidated by the Israeli planes. The German Die Welt weekly magazine, which reported the incident, said German defense ministry officials were "astonished" by the Israeli annoyance.

Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz had telephoned his German counterpart for assurances that Israeli warplanes would not intercept German ships operating at the Lebanese coasts, the magazine said. The German defense ministry a few days ago said six Israeli jetfighters were involved in an armed incident with a German ship patrolling off Lebanon as part of the UN force in the Arab country.

The Israeli warplanes fired shots as well as anti-missile defence flares while flying low over the German vessel, the defense ministry said.

KUNA is the Kuwaiti News Agency. Deutsche-Welle also has the story.

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Metro99 said...

Uh-oh. Better not link this story to any of your comments on "that other blog." You know the one, it's the respectable, liberal, never-mention-anything-that denigrates-Israel-even-to-a-minute-degree blog with all the adverts.