Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Do NOT Miss Bill Moyers' New Show!!!

Tomorrow--Wednesday--night, on _PBS...

Bill Moyers' America...firsts show takes on and takes apart the nets of corruption and venality that was the Abramoff/Ralph Reed/Grover Norquist ring...MUST FUCKING SEE: Those three were all buddies as officers of the College Republicans and--fuck Enron--they thought the were the smartes mofs in ANY room they were in.

"Abramoff, Reed and Norquist all served as officers in the College Republican National Committee (CNRC).
Jack Abramoff was elected Chairman of the CRNC in 1983. Abramoff appointed Reed Executive Director of the CRNC in 1983, succeeding Grover Norquist. Norquist had managed Abramoff's campaign for National Chairman and would later found Americans for Tax Reform, an anti-tax group that would serve as a fundraising conduit in the Indian gaming scandal.
At the CRNC, Abramoff, Norquist and Reed formed what was known as the "Abramoff-Norquist-Reed triumvirate." Upon Abramoff's election, the trio purged "dissidents" and re-wrote the CRNC's bylaws to consolidate their control over the organization. Reed was the "hatchet man" and "carried out Abramoff-Norquist orders with ruthless efficiency, not bothering to hide his fingerprints." (Nina J. Easton, Gang of Five, page 142).


Better evidence that 'meritocracy' is NOT the proper paradigm for social organization can or could scarcely be imagined. Grover's the one who's skated, so far; undoubtedly stabbing his erstwhile pardners in the back and simultaneously kicking 'em in the nuts. He's gotta be next.

amy's got a transcript over at DEMOCRACY NOW

go read it now...

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