Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Is Your Senator Siding With The Fascist Jeebo-Fux?

The Establishment Clause in the Bill of Rights is supposed to keep our government from interfering with religion, guard against the states' use of religion for political purposes, and ensure that the government does not act in a way that prefers one religion over another, so that we may all worship freely--or not at all, as our individual consciences move us.

But while the Establishment Clause protects our basic freedoms, it is not self-enforcing. If someone is forced to sue the government to protect their constitutional rights, justice and fairness dictate they be able to recover their legal fees expended to do so.

The Public Expression of Religion Act would prevent citizens from recovering their litigation costs if they sue to stop state-sponsored religion. This law is brazenly designed to make it next to impossible for private citizens to sue to protect their First Amendment rights because lawsuits are prohibitively expensive.

In other words, Congress and the Religious Right want to cement the establishment of their own religion as dominant via the force of the government, and the force of law.

Tell your Senators that religious freedom is more important than the agenda of the religious right!

My Comment, upon signing the petition:
I cannot believe that anyone sworn to uphold the Constitution could lend their support to this travesty. If you have a spine, you must oppose this abomination of a Right-Wing effort to shut off criticism and legal challenges to the illegal and unconstitutional imposition of 'religious' doctrine upon the public sphere.

Add your voice to the chorus. There are over 10,000 signatures on the petition as I write this. Many more are needed. Do your DUTAY!!!!

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