Monday, October 23, 2006

More 'Remains' Have Been Unearthed At The WTC Site

It won't stop the rebuilding, though.

But it got me thinking about those events and that day. And about the claims by the Chattering Chimp and his minions that their job was and is to prevent the recurrence of such events. And that the absence of subsequent IXXI-like events signalled their success in forestalling such events.

Actually, it was their job to have prevented the first one. At which job, either by ignorance, duplicity or complicity, they failed miserably.

That fact notwithstanding, however, I would maintain that they need not worry at all about the recurrence of the events of IXXI. In all likelihood, by their sheer magnitude, scope, and scale--and by the scope, and scale of the policies and practices now in place to prevent such a catastrophe from happening again--the events of IXXI, themselves, completely and utterly preclude their repetition.

That is, due to what happened on IXXI--and the aftermath--the odds of their being "another" similar event are just about ZERO. So, by already having had one IXXI, the Busheviks have just about guaranteed they will have protected us from another one.

Heckuva job, Bushie...

NB: This should not be taken to be an assertion that nothing bad can ever happen again. Just that, as with Pearl Harbor, the repetition of that particular disaster is pretty much eliminated, by its having happened in the first place.

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