Sunday, October 15, 2006

Jim Gilchrist, the fascist fuck founder of the anti-immigrant "Minutemen", fleas from debate on Democracy Now

The chickenshit fuck had a lawyer with him when he went to be interviewed and engage in a discussion with Karina Garcia, the leader of the group of Columbia U students who drove him and his brownshirts off the stage at Columbia last week. The gutless fucke faded when Garcia asked him about the ties between the Minutemen and the notoriousl right-wing/neo-nazi group, the National Alliance.

The transcript is available at the link in the headline of this post, as is a replay of the audio from the broadcast.

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Metro99 said...

Yes, I saw that priceless segment this past week. Goodman is utterly unflappable. I'd hate to play against her in high-stakes poker.

I can't think of a less Christ-like person than Gilchrist.