Sunday, October 08, 2006

Henry Kissinger: A Piece of Shit in a Silk Suit

Molly Ivins, may her cancers cease, says she has "never lost one ounce of rancor toward Henry Kissinger, that cynical, slithery, self-absorbed pathological liar." She is not alone. Of all the war criminals as large upon the planet today, that old toad Kissinger is the most odious. On his hands is the blood of literally millions of people, and I hope the fate of Pinochet befalls him.

But mainly she's dismayed at the fawning of the SCUM* over Bob Woodward for the "revelations" in his new book: "The War Criminal’s return is the only piece of news I have yet found in Bob Woodward’s new book, and what amazes me is the reaction to the work. Gosh, gasp, imagine, Woodward says the war’s a disaster!"

Which leads to an interesting juxtaposition at, where Sheer calls Woodward "Truthdigger of the Week."

Check it out. Truthdig's a necessary stop on any good liberal blogger's daily rounds...

*SCUM: So-Called Unbiased Media

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