Saturday, October 21, 2006

Molly Ivins: Don’t Count the Republicans Out

Molly sez:

Put me in the depressive Dems camp. We always look good going into the last two weeks, until we get hit with that wall of Republican money (though I do think Ohio is beyond political recall at this point for the R’s). Of course, both sides always complain about unfair advertising, but I must admit that almost all political advertising strikes me as ludicrous and I don’t notice the D’s looking simon-pure. A little shading, a little emphasis here and there—I’m hard to shock on political ads, but I do get more than miffed when they take the truth and just stand it on its head...

I’m the one who has been writing for two years that the American people are fed up with the war in Iraq and with the Bush administration’s lies and incompetence. I’m the one that keeps beating the Washington press corps about the head over how out of touch it is. I’m the one who has been insisting there’s a Democratic tide out here, and that the people are so far ahead of the politicians and the media it’s painful to watch.

So how come I’m not thrilled? Because I watched this happen two years ago—same rejection of the Iraq war, same disgust with Bush and Co., same understanding that Republicans are for the rich, period, same polls showing D’s with the lead going right into Election Day. And the same geographic gerrymander and same wall of money in the last two weeks. I’m not close to calling this election, and I’m sure not into celebrating anything yet.


Nancy Willing said...

I am convinced of a difference.
I am not surrendering hope.

Just like the 80's materialistic ers that garnered what amounted to the laissez faire for the uber riche (massive de-reg/downsizing etc) and ended with recession and debt was countered.

We had the big dog to do it, sure, but it was the moment, the time.

Like now.

People then saw the administration's effect on their wallet...not a noble reason but a reason that has its parallel today.

That, my friend, is the context for my hope.

konopelli/WGG said...

people's effective earning (and spending) power has been static or declining for the last five years at least...

and probably longer...

folks are getting used to being slapped around: social battered spouse syndrome, where the patriarchy/oligarchy slaps anybody around as hard and as much as they wanna...