Thursday, October 12, 2006

Doing the Numbers: How Many Dead in Iraq, REALLY?

A study out yesterday from The Lancet estimated the death toll from the violence and mayhem occasioned by the ICORP if Iraq to be between 450 and 700 THOUSAND.

This number, if true, would be exponentially larger than the conventional wisdom propagates.

Of course, since the start of the conflict, the USer DoD has callously maintained they do not keep and have never kept, any count of the collateral damage/civilian casualty/innocent victims fallen to USer ordinance or arms.

The number of dead from the ICORP of Iraq is, of course, important as a marker in the USer politics of the impending 'election'. So much has been made by the apologists for the slaughter and the advocates for its continuation of discrepancy between the 'conventional' numbers and the 'unreliable' numbers reported in the Lancet study.

Fortunately, there is a blogger/correspondent--"Cervantes" by name--who has substantial background in the methodology of the Lancet study, and who has crafted a remarkably clear, cogent, and concise critique and clarification of the problematic issues which have been used to discredit its findings.

This is really GOOD. Click on the headline of this post to link to Cervantes' blog.

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sandiaman said...

Ya know- it's been said before (with outstanding wisdom )that the death of one person diminishes us all.
On 9/11 the U.S. suffered about 2900 deaths-
an absolute heartbreakache in any-bodies view.
However, if there were 600,000 deaths as a result of our illegal, unjustified act of aggression in a country that has 1/12 of our population,how can anyone in good conscience claim that 9/11 justified our invasion of Iraq?
I just don't understand the war-mongers point of view.