Friday, October 27, 2006

The Shade of Terri Schiavo Stalks CO Congresscritter Musgrave

I don't usually frequent the Kos site.

I got pointed there today by a poster on Eschaton (sorry I neglected to note to whom the hat-tip belongs) to read of the experience of Michael Schiavo at a public appearance by Colorado Conggresscritter Marylin Musgrave, a certifiable flying monkey who has endeavored to appropriate the memory of Terri Schiavo and her family to make political capital from the tragedy.

Michael Schiavo took affront at these tactics and now appears at functions at which Musgrave will make public appearances and take public questions. Summary:

...(T)here are real parallels between Marilyn's outrageous behavior on Tuesday and the course our country is on. Like Marilyn Musgrave, too many of our "leaders" in Washington just refuse to see what's happening in Iraq, they refuse to see the members of Congress in hand-cuffs, they refuse to see people still living in the tragedy of Katrina, they refuse to see our un-insured and homeless.

Like Musgrave, they'd rather run away than face any American who sees what's really going on.

Please, please, please help Angie Paccione (Musgraves' opponent on Nov. 7).

America needs this Congress to be swept away and take Marilyn Musgrave with it..

Read the rest of it.

Musgraves' behavior was, if Schiavo's account is to be believed (and there is no reason to doubt it), reprehensible, cowardly, and utterly without honor. The demagogues who tell lies about us ought to be required to walk among their victims and bear the responsibility for their calumnies.

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notwatchingtelevision said...

My daughter told me about this yesterday, how Musgrave tried to bar Schiavo from a venue and when she couldn't do that she insisted he be moved to a seat where she wouldn't have to look at him as she spoke.

Some day some historian is going to do a psychological study of this time, how wingers regressed all the way back to the thumb-sucking stage rather than face the truth of what they'd done. -- cs, art is bread