Monday, October 02, 2006

Personal Ad

"I'm A Sensual Intellectual": that is, the way to my heart is through my mind, while we're slo-dancing real close. Smart, witty, educated, sophisticated, loving, and sexy, I hope to connect with a woman equally imbued with similar attributes. Good if you 1) dig dogs, 2) think critically, and 3) detest the Busheviks. I blog, read, write, and drive around in an old British sports car. Formerly a carpenter, professor, and journalist, I used to be a Renaissance man; but lately i've just been going baroque...


Anonymous said...

Baby, you looking for IM's?

from Ruth said...

"...but lately i've just been going baroque..."

"Baroque"? Say it ain't so! What ever happened to your Spartan aseticism?