Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Lot Of Folks On The Left Are Asking: "What Will The Dems Do When They Regain Some Power?"

Good question.

But, imho, not the proper one.

What they/'we' should be asking is: What are we gonna do when the Dems DON'T regain power?

Cuz, good vibrations and hope and earnest desire notwithstanding, there is nothing on the landscape that suggests to me that the coming 'election' can withstand a concerted effort to steal it, again.

For there to be any protection against another out-right theft, the SCUM* will have to pick up the story. There are several reasons why they won't.

1) There are already floating about several narrative possibilities to explain how the vote-as-counted can be at WIDE variance from the pre-vote polls.

2) The SCUM have a structural bias in favor of the status quo. Supportable claims of massive electoral malfeasance would challenge--and endanger--the whole house of cards of which the SCUM (either the actors themselves or--more likely--their employers and owners) are staunch up-holders and major stock-holders.

3) The SCUM honor process, not results. They report Barry Bonds' home runs faithfully, despite the claims that he's juiced himself. They report the legislative fate of bills, despite the machinations that ensued to bring about the results. In a horse-race, the splits don't matter til you're trying to handicap the next race.

I believe that, optimism and polls notwithstanding, there is a very high probability that the SCUM will report an Nov. 8 that, improbably but not inexplicably, the Pukes have lost ground, but remain in control over BOTH houses of Congress.

So the question under consideration, at least in the back of the discourse, ought to be: What then?

*SCUM: So-Called Unbiased Media


charley said...

i by know means am certain of anything but that serious crimes have been committed by this administration.

and i seriously doubt they intend to let that be uncovered.

did you know it's actually illegal to recount the vote in florida?

konopelli/WGG said...

nope, dint know dat...

nuther place im not movin to...

kelley b. said...

I'll worry about what the Dems will do after we've taken the game from the Republicans.

Nancy Pelosi has some plans at least.