Tuesday, October 31, 2006

If Halloween were Iraq...

TelltaleHeart, over at Eschaton tonight proposed the following rubric for understanding the US Invasion, Conquest, Occupation, Rape, and Pillage of Iraq in truly festive terms.

Suppose you viewed Trick-or-Treaters as law-breakers, trespassers, and potential threats to your domestic tranquility, the equivqalent of islamo-fascist terrorists in the Middle East.

In Bushland, there would be only option available to you:

1. Immediately invade a random neighbor's house and kill or subjugate all the occupants, and then

2. Lure the trick-or-treaters over there, beat 'em up, kill those you could, and capture others... so you don't have to fight them at home...

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ina said...

Hey Woody--Happy Halloween!

I'm glad the package finally arrived. Lonesome Brothers is not my band, but Jim (guitar/vocal) is a close friend (in fact, I gave him one jug of the chiles 'cause he feeds my family once a week) and he plays fiddle in my band, Whiskey Ina. I think "Mono" is a really great record, too, so I'm glad you like it.