Friday, October 27, 2006

Today, Gibbering George Again Raised High The GOPuke Banners Of Intolerance To Gay Marriage

Predictably, the (ostentatiously) desparate fascist fux of the Bushevik regime have siezed upon yesterday's New Jersey Supreme Court decision to mobilize their rabid, flying-monkey/fundie base to 'fight the fags.' The decision stops short of requiring the State to recognize 'gay marriages, but it upholds the rights of gay couples to the same legal guarantees and privileges as are granted by the State to mixed-gender marriages. (Slam-fucking-dunk 14th Amendment reasoning, imho; though, as I intimated yesterday, the timing is perplexing.) Unsurprisingly, Gibbering George declaimed on the topic at length today in public gatherings and to his lap-dog press corps.

Over at Eschaton, "Chris Tucker" proposed the following as a Democratic prophyllactic against this intolerant, divisive, toxically bigotted tactic:

If I were Howard Dean, this would be the talking points memo to all Democratic candidates for the remainder of October:"The national Democratic strategy should simply to ignore the NJ decision.
"The GOP wants to scare you and distract you with gay marriage and flag burning and scary terrorists hiding under your bed this Halloween season.

"They don't want to talk about the disaster that is Iraq, the disaster that is the coming economic crisis, brought on by massive, unforgivable deficit spending to pay for the failed war in Iraq, billions and billions of YOUR dollars a month go to pay for George Bush's "War on Terror in Iraq", a country that had NOTHING to do with 9/11, NOTHING to do with Osama Bin Laden, NOTHING to do with ANY real or potential terrorist threat to America.
"They don't want to talk about the years-long coverup of Mark Foley's despicably inappropriate behavior towards the young men in, and out, of the Congressional page program. The GOP preferred to protect Foley's seat in Congress, rather than the children under their dubious protection."

"As your jobs flow to China and India, your hard earned tax dollars flow into the pockets of Bechtel and Halliburton. As your hard earned wages go to pay for prescription medicines, the pharmaceutical companies use those dollars to lobby the GOP controlled Congress and Senate for even more sweetheart tax breaks, to put the rest of your money into the pockets of the CEOs of those companies.
"As your sons and daughters struggle to pay for college, lobbyists like Jack Abramoff spend lavishly to wine and dine GOP Congressmen and Senators on behalf of their clients, while the GOP controlled Congress and Senate cut Pell grants and other government programs that helped American families send their kids to college.

"The Democratic party considers "Gay Marriage" something for the individual states to decide. We have far more important matters of concern to the American people to devote out time and energies to address.
"This Halloween, don't let the GOP 'trick' you into giving them a 'treat'. Vote Democratic. Vote to turn on the lights in the halls of Congress, and chase the GOP boogiemen away, once and for all."
Chris Tucker Homepage 10.27.06 - 5:08 pm #


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