Sunday, October 08, 2006

Truthout Interview w/Bill Moyers (@10 mins)

Quoth Marc Ash:
"Capitol Crimes," part one of the series "Moyers on America," follows the Abramoff money trail. If you want to know how Abramoff did it, what part DeLay played, who's getting hurt and who profited - make sure you're sitting down, and watch "Capitol Crimes."

Parts two and three of his interview will examine the second and third broadcasts in the series, "Is God Green?" airing October 11th, and "The Net at Risk," airing October 18th. Stay tuned.

Listen: This is basically Moyers' boilerplate talk: 65 lobbyists for each elected member of congress; they spend 200 million $$$/PER MONTH on the 535 members; campaign contributions = bribery...

The next installment is Oct. 11, on PBS: Moyers On America. Check your local listings...

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